Highly hygroscopic materials like LaBr3:Ce or CeBr3, have the best light output in the market (>60.000 ph/MeV) and are among the fastest scintillator known. But usually they are used with outdated PMT with a glass window that deteriorates some of their properties.

Damavan Imaging has developed a new patented technology for windowless encapsulation of Si-PM.
We propose a first version with Phillips DPC 3200 digital Si-PM.
Coupled with Temporal δ electronic kit , this detector allows PET or SPECT imaging.

For Compton imaging a special design is required.

 On request design possible 

Temporal imager CeBr3 detector - Fluoral technology

The described detector works only with Temporal δ acquisition kit.

  • > Monolithic CeBr3 crystal 31x31x20 mm with a diffusive reflecting media
  • > Si-PM tile Phillips DPC 3200 sensor
  • > Connexion with Temporal δ through a 450 mm flex connector
  • > Detector calibrated in timing and energy for 10°C
  • > Recommended temperature of acquisition 10°C +/- 5°C
  • > Can be sold with a Peltier cooling kit.

Table of property

Nb of photons @ 511 KeV Peak > 3 500
Energy resolution @ 511 KeV < 8%
Crystal size 31x31x20 mm
Coincidence time (FWHM) raw < 350 ps


Fluoral technology is a patented encapsulation concept for hygroscopic detectors.

The CeBr3 Detector

Uncorrected CRT – FWHM = 344ps