Damavan Imaging brings to the market a new technology for imaging ionizing radiation: Temporal Imaging.

Damavan Imaging was founded in December 2014 in Troyes (F) as a SAS (Société par Action - Simplified joint stock company).

In July 2015, Damavan has won a 4 years research grant from « Investissements d’avenir »: (Investments for the Future Programme conducted by ANDRA), “Temporal” to develop a Compton camera based on temporal imagers.

In October 2016 Damavan issued the first temporal imager based ion digital Si-PM: temporal Delta.

Damavan is developing 2 types of products to exploit its 6 patents:

  • > A Compton camera based on 2 scintillator plates 32x32 mm (CeBr3)
  • > Prototype Positron Emission imaging modules 32x32 mm LYSO or CeBr3 (2 to 4 modules)