Room contamination census using Binocular camera (360°)

Our camera can be used on a rotating tripod to create a panoramic 360° view of a room to track contamination and estimate dosimetry with minimum manpower involved.

The complete scan solution has been developed in collaboration with SBS interactive with the help of Grand EST region.

This view has been obtained in Daher waste reprocessing plant in France.

The Image was obtained with all gamma photons between  400 keV and 2000 keV. 

The view was constructed by stiching 8 poses of 10 minutes, but manpower required is < 10 minutes.

The views are all normalized to a common dose reference at the camera level,

Using a binocular camera for 360° imaging has the following advantages:

  1. Triangulation of the true position of the source using gamma rays (2 examples are shown with sources at 2,8m and 2,5m being behind foreground)
  2. High sensitivity: possibility to map 10 square meters of wall with 0,2uSV/h contamination in 1 hour from 1,6 m
  3. Quasi immunity to perturbations in this mode. (Virtual shielding)

With Vision software it is possible to get all the informations on the panoramic images

  1. Spectra
  2. Isotope specific images
  3. Dosimetry information