Some results of our presentation of the new binocular camera in WNE

The image of the radium painted clock. With the binocular camera we were at 30 cm and the acquisition lasted less than 18’. The dose rate was thus 10 nSV/h at the camera. The clock is clearly detected with only 60 photons. Each circle is 10°.

Damavan Imaging is present at IAEA

Damavan Imaging is present at IAEA – International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future in Vienna, Austria from the 1st to 5th November, 2021.

Damavan will present it’s final results obtained on a Binocular Camera at ATSR 29-30 september in Cadarache.

You can find the workshops program and other related information on website of the Association for Radiation Protection Techniques and Sciences .

Damavan-Imaging will make a presentation at EANM 2021 on October 20-23th

Damavan will present a top-rated oral presentation at the European Association of Nuclear Medecine congress, from 20th October to 23th of October : Compton 3D imaging with sparse number of views : progress on image quality @511keV It will be presented as part of Session 1009 – Cutting edge scienceTrack For more informations check their website.

Damavan-Imaging has presented a 3d imaging talk at Animma 2021

Damavan Imaging has presented it’s results on 3D compton Imaging at Animma 2021 conference in Prague You can acess the presentation here:

Damavan will present at DEM 2021 13/09/2021

Damavan will present an Oral talk at the « International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges DEM 2021 » to be held in September 13 > 15 | Avignon, France. Title of the talk: Sparse views 3D tomography of a nuclear waste drum using a Compton camera: Possible implication for nuclear dismantling More Info at

Damavan is at ANIMMA, Prague, end of june

Damavan will present its latest results on 3D gamma Imaging through an oral talk at the ANIMMA conference in Prague 21st to 25th of june 2021 Talk #08-35: Passive isotope specific gamma ray tomography of a nuclear waste drum using a CeBr3 Compton camera More info at