Damavan-Imaging will make a presentation at EANM 2021 on October 20-23th

Damavan will present a top-rated oral presentation at the European Association of Nuclear Medecine congress, from 20th October to 23th of October : Compton 3D imaging with sparse number of views : progress on image quality @511keV It will be presented as part of Session 1009 – Cutting edge scienceTrack For more informations check their website.

Damavan-Imaging has presented a 3d imaging talk at Animma 2021

Damavan Imaging has presented it’s results on 3D compton Imaging at Animma 2021 conference in Prague You can acess the presentation here:

Damavan-Imaging joins « Tech Factory » program

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Damavan will present at DEM 2021 13/09/2021

Damavan will present an Oral talk at the « International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges DEM 2021 » to be held in September 13 > 15 | Avignon, France. Title of the talk: Sparse views 3D tomography of a nuclear waste drum using a Compton camera: Possible implication for nuclear dismantling More Info at https://www.sfen-dem2021.org/

Damavan is at ANIMMA, Prague, end of june

Damavan will present its latest results on 3D gamma Imaging through an oral talk at the ANIMMA conference in Prague 21st to 25th of june 2021 Talk #08-35: Passive isotope specific gamma ray tomography of a nuclear waste drum using a CeBr3 Compton camera More info at https://indico.utef.cvut.cz/event/23/

Medical imaging

We have acquired first in vivo 2D and 3D images of mice and rats using 18F at 511 KeV with our partner CERMEP . The image below has been acquired using an activity of only 0,65 MBq with an exposure of 10 minutes. It demonstrates our high spatial resolution for a compton camera, as the mouse is only 8 cm long. One great advantage of […]

Damavan Imaging développe la vision binoculaire d’une caméra gamma portable

Tiré de 360° R&D Magazine https://www.france-innovation.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2020_12_03-360_Mag-num_28-web.pdf Lauréat de l’ Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt (AMI) Économie Numérique lancé par la Région Grand Est, le consortium réunissant Damavan Imaging, SBS Interactive et le laboratoire LM2S de Modélisation et Sûreté des Systèmes de l’UTT de Troyes s’attelle, dans un délai de 18 mois, à développer une solution de visualisation 3D des sources de rayonnements ionisants directement dans le […]

Gamma 3d tomography

Total activity = 14 MBq Distance camera/center = 80 cm 3D images slices overlaid on a 2D X-Ray image

Damavan presentation at EANM 2020

Please find below the presentation for Damava-imaging at the virtual conference EANM 2020.More details at https://eanm20.eanm.org/.

Damavan is present at Nuclear Industry China exhibition (Beijing 12/10->15/10)

Damavan is present through its distributor on the Nuclear Industry China exhibition in Beijing from the 12 to 15 October 2020.Thanks to Worlwide-China, our local distributor.More info at : http://www.nic-expo.com/

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