Natural radioactivity imaging

Our camera has such a good Signal/noise that it can image objects using their natural radioactivity. Here is an image of a plate of standard glass done with a pose of one day This view is done using the gamma lines from Actinium 228 from Thorium 232 decay chain. Thorium is an impurity in sand. The second image is done using the 1460 KeV gamma […]

Plant contamination Census: (360°)

Our camera can be used on a rotating tripod to create a panoramic 360° view of a plant to track contamination. The view has been obtained in a storage of radioactive waste in Andra in France. This is a all energy view 400 KeV to 1600 KeV. the view was reconstructed by stiching 6 poses of 5 minutes. The good spatial resolution of the camera […]

3D Gamma imaging is coming

Thanks to the good angular resolution of our camera we have developed a process to reconstruct gamma ray emission in 3D from at least 3 acquisitions. Below is an image of 2 sources of 15 KBq of 22Na and 30 KBq of 137Cs distant from 15 cm obtained from 3 views from 50cm distance at right angle from each other. This new technology could bring […]

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