The first temporal imager

Temporal Imaging is a new concept for gamma ray imaging that uses both light and time distribution of each scintillation event to localize precisely each scintillation event in space (X,Y,Z), time (T) and energy (E).


Images from time

In July 2015, Damavan has won a 4 years research grant from « Investissements d’avenir »: (Investments for the Future Programme conducted by ANDRA), “Temporal” to develop a Compton camera based on temporal imagers.

In October 2016 Damavan is issuing the first temporal imager based ion digital Si-PM: temporal Delta.

Damavan is developing 2 types of products to exploit its 6 patents:

  • > A Compton camera based on 2 scintillator plates 32x32 mm (CeBr3)
  • > Prototype Positron Emission imaging modules 32x32 mm LYSO or CeBr3