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Temporal Imaging is a new concept for gamma ray imaging that uses both light and time distribution of each scintillation event to localize precisely each scintillation event in space (X,Y,Z), time (T) and energy (E).
This new imaging concept allows an order of magnitude improvement on the voxel size for each scintilation event (1x1x2mm).

Temporal Delta is the first device to use this new concept. It allows real time calculation of the characteristic vector (X,Y,Z,T,E) for each validated event.

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Temporal imager LYSO detector features

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This detector works only with Temporal delta acquisition kit.

  • > Monolithic LYSO crystal 32x32x20 mm with a diffusive reflecting media
  • > Si-PM tile Phillips DPC 3200 sensor
  • > Connexion with Temporal δ through a 450 mm flex connector
  • > Detector calibrated in timing and energy for 10°C
  • > Recommended temperature of acquisition 10°C +/- 5°C
  • > Can be sold with a Peltier cooling kit.

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Typical energy spectrum

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Dimensional drawing

Lyso Detector - Aluminium 6060 T5
Damavan Imaging - Scale : 1.500

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Flood image of the LYSO detector

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