Damavan contribue au sein de Nuclear Valley

Damavan Imaging est un membre du pôle de compétitivité des filières nucléaire et défense françaises pour l’année 2024.

DAMAVAN pitch at ISOE European Symposium in Rotterdam – 2024, JUNE 4 TO 6

Damavan Imaging is going to present the paperwork « An Efficient Bayesian Algorithm for Localizing Contaminants in Nuclear Waste: Application on 3D Imaging of Waste Drums » at the ISOE European Symposium. The event will be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on June 4-6, 2024. Damavan will make the oral presentation on Tuesday 6 June 2024, morning on the session 12 : « Use of Gamma Camera/CZT ». Find out more about the conference: ISOE […]

Damavan pitch at the DEM 2024 in Avignon – 2024, May 27 to 29

Damavan Imaging is going to present the paperwork « Optimization of the trajectory of a Rover For 7D mapping of nuclear contamination using a Temporal Compton camera » at the the International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges (DEM 2024): Role and importance of innovations. The event will be held in Avignon – 2024, May 27 to 29. Damavan will make the oral presentation on Tuesday 28 May 2024, 13:50 – 15:30 […]

Damavan Imaging participated in the WNE 2023

Damavan Imaging has presented the cameras Temporal V3+ and Temporal Binocular on the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023. We have demonstrated the sensitivity of the cameras with the radium-painted clock and discussed the potential of the cameras in 3D mapping, dismantling, and medical applications. Thank to all visitors for the time we have spent together at our booth during these 3 days. We hope to continue […]

3D Image Reconstruction Using Multi-view Compton Data

Damavan Imaging has recently presented the mutual work on « Dream Scannner » project that is in development in collaboration with the Technological University of Troyes (UTT). The research results were presented on the the DigiDECOM Scientific Committee in Helsinki in October 2023 by our founder M. Alain ILTIS. It was a pleasure to have such an interesting scientific and professional exchange. Please find below the presentation […]

Damavan expose on the WNE 2023 end November 2023

Dear Damavan clients, partnerns, friends, Damavan Imaging invites you on the World Nuclear Exibition 2023 – the world’s leading civil nuclear exhibition – that will take place in Villepinte Expo Center in Paris from 28-30 November 2023. Damavan will present the new version of Temporal camera V3+ and Binocular camera based on the best gamma ray imaging technology that exist on the market. Please come […]

Damavan Imaging company in the recent Vosges TV report

Retrouvez-nous dans le récent reportage de Vosges TV « Business Club de France du 26 août 2023 ». Nous sommes honorés pour l’intérêt apporté à notre entreprise. Nous continuerons à contribuer dans le développement de notre technologie d’imagerie « Temporal » des sources radioactifs. Find out more about Damavan Imaging company in the recent Vosges TV report « Business Club de France du 26 août 2023 ». We are honored with […]

Damavan Imaging at the 3rd edition of “La Grande Exposition de Fabriqué en France”

Damavan Imaging is invited to present it’s Temporal cameras at the 3rd edition of “La Grande Exposition de Fabriqué en France” that will take place in the Elysée Palace on the 1st & 2nd of July 2023. We are proud to be a part of the 100 French producers selected among 2500 candidates and to represent our department Aube (10). It is a great opportunity for Damavan Imaging […]

Damavan Imaging forms part of the Deeptech community

Thank you Bpifrance for this opportunity to share DAMAVAN IMAGING ideas and solutions!


Damavan Imaging is glad to share the poster « 3D Compton tomography: A promising modality for vectorized α/β radiotherapy imaging? » presented at the 2022 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conferance and Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector Conference in Milano, Italy from November 5th to November 12th. Please consult the poster below: