Neutron activation & fissile materials

Fissile materials (235U, 241Am, Plutonium…) emit neutrons. Those neutrons are captured in their surrounding and emit prompt gamma rays that Temporal Compton camera detect well. It is imposible to detect directly the weak lines of 235U (185 keV) or Plutonium which are below 300 keV with a compton camera. Anyway those lines are difficult to correctly image with coded mask cameras in realistic situations because they are screened […]

High count rate acquisition

Our camera can be used in the standard mode till 1mSV/h.  At those high count rate, the acquisition time should be short although: you can get 22.000 events in 10 seconds! We have also identified a mode allowing to use our camera at 6msV/h or even 10 mSV/h. This requires a specific hardware and must be specified in your order. On the image below you […]