Natural radioactivity imaging

Our camera has such a good signal/noise that it can image objects using their natural radioactivity. In this case we have imaged a wallet countaining a rectangle shape of potassium salts 5cm thick. The image is done using the 1460 KeV gamma ray of Potassium 40.   Potassium 40 is a naturally occurring isotope in potassium salts. It’s abondance is 0,011% of natural potassium. It’s period is 12 […]

Room contamination census using Binocular camera (360°)

Our camera can be used on a rotating tripod to create a panoramic 360° view of a room to track contamination and estimate dosimetry with minimum manpower involved. The complete scan solution has been developed in collaboration with SBS interactive with the help of Grand EST region. This view has been obtained in Daher waste reprocessing plant in France. The Image was obtained with all […]