Imaging of heavily shielded sources

With our Compton Camera, thanks to it’s high spatial resolution and good signal/noise ratio, it is possible to image on a single aquisition: In this case we are observing a high activity (>1GBq) 92Ir source inside a the Uranium shielding of a gammagraph. The source is shielded by at least 10 cm of Uranium. The observation time is 5 min: 1 – Using the weak […]

Wall contamination mapping using a binocular camera

The binocular camera with its dual head configuration allows to estimate the true distance to a radiative source using gamma emission triangulation. This opens the way to quantitative imaging of contamination. A first trial has been done in a decommissioned power plant. The maximum activity on the wall was 0,2uSV/h (red spot). The gamma FOV (76°) is slightly smaller than the optical image (90×90). The […]