Damavan presentation at EANM 2020

Please find below the presentation for Damava-imaging at the virtual conference EANM 2020.More details at https://eanm20.eanm.org/.

Damavan is present at Nuclear Industry China exhibition (Beijing 12/10->15/10)

Damavan is present through its distributor on the Nuclear Industry China exhibition in Beijing from the 12 to 15 October 2020.Thanks to Worlwide-China, our local distributor.More info at : http://www.nic-expo.com/

Natural radioactivity imaging

Imaging of a potassium layer and of potassium crystals inside a NaCl salt mine using their natural radioactivity: The film was done in post-processing using only 1 acquisition. It shows the evolution of potassium distribution with Depth. One crystal on the left is close to the surface. The second one in the center is about 60 cm inside. The potassium layer is more or less […]

Room contamination census using Binocular camera (360°)

Our camera can be used on a rotating tripod to create a panoramic 360° view of a room to track contamination and estimate dosimetry with minimum manpower involved. The complete scan solution has been developed in collaboration with SBS interactive with the help of Grand EST region. This view has been obtained in Daher waste reprocessing plant in France. The Image was obtained with all […]

3D Gamma imaging is coming

Thanks to the good angular resolution of our camera we have developed a process to reconstruct gamma ray emission in 3D from at least 3 acquisitions. Below is an image of 2 sources of 15 KBq of 22Na and 30 KBq of 137Cs distant from 15 cm obtained from 3 views from 50cm distance at right angle from each other. This new technology could bring […]