Imaging in presence of strong perturbations outside the FOV

When the camera is used in high radiation environments, the major gamma emission may be outside the FOV of the camera. In this case it is important that: Compton cameras are superior to collimator based systems in such situation, because they can detect imaging radiation on 4pi.On the compton cameras, our camera is specially suited for those situations because: Below are tests illustrating our claims: […]

Damavan contribue au sein de Nuclear Valley

Damavan Imaging est un membre du pôle de compétitivité des filières nucléaire et défense françaises pour l’année 2024.

DAMAVAN pitch at ISOE European Symposium in Rotterdam – 2024, JUNE 4 TO 6

Damavan Imaging is going to present the paperwork « An Efficient Bayesian Algorithm for Localizing Contaminants in Nuclear Waste: Application on 3D Imaging of Waste Drums » at the ISOE European Symposium. The event will be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on June 4-6, 2024. Damavan will make the oral presentation on Tuesday 6 June 2024, morning on the session 12 : « Use of Gamma Camera/CZT ». Find out more about the conference: ISOE […]

Damavan pitch at the DEM 2024 in Avignon – 2024, May 27 to 29

Damavan Imaging is going to present the paperwork « Optimization of the trajectory of a Rover For 7D mapping of nuclear contamination using a Temporal Compton camera » at the the International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges (DEM 2024): Role and importance of innovations. The event will be held in Avignon – 2024, May 27 to 29. Damavan will make the oral presentation on Tuesday 28 May 2024, 13:50 – 15:30 […]

Crude triangulation of 2 sources of the same isotope using the Temporal Binocular

We have 2 sources of 22Na: 0,1 MBq at 40 cm 0,14 MBq at 60 cm We have done a single 5’ acquisition using the Temporal Binocular Compton camera. Then we have reconstructed the image by varying the reconstruction plane distance from 40 cm to 100 cm The best image for each source is obtained when the reconstruction distance is correct.

Damavan Imaging participated in the WNE 2023

Damavan Imaging has presented the cameras Temporal V3+ and Temporal Binocular on the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023. We have demonstrated the sensitivity of the cameras with the radium-painted clock and discussed the potential of the cameras in 3D mapping, dismantling, and medical applications. Thank to all visitors for the time we have spent together at our booth during these 3 days. We hope to continue […]

Damavan Imaging has signed a distribution cotract with Bergen Healthcare Pvt Ltd in India

Damavan Imaging has signed a distribution cotract with Bergen Healthcare Pvt Ltd in India at the beginning of this week. We have discussed with Rakesh Chaudhry about the Temporal cameras, their potential on the Indian market, the possibilities of our collaboration on the research projects in nuclear medicine. We had ended up this visit with the Damavan team in the Meuse/Haute Marne Underground Research Laboratory […]

Reading a clock

Image of a radium painted clock obtained from 20 cm: Dose rate = 40 nSV/h; Acquisition time 1/2h. Image is slightly distorted by proximity to the camera.

Imaging of activated materials

We have observed cubes of concrete in storage. Those cubes have been activated by neutrons.  In those cubes we have observed the following radio-elements: Ba 133 Co 60 Eu 152 Eu 154 Below we see the image of 60Co activation. The activity is weak (1 MBq is seen from 4m). The activity is present in metallic rods reinforcing the concrete structure. It seems to be […]